Phoenix Sighting

Please read and enjoy the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Rampant & Golden

Then she walked into the fire—
clothed in the threads
that karma uses to bind
what we suffer with
what we inspire,
her silence
worth its weight in gold
and her words, when
she picks them,
have enough force in their
utterance to ransom
the future from the past.

They threw their chaos at her,
envy green and
tapered at the ends

but she didn’t burn,
even the curses
laced with gunpowder
wouldn’t borrow from
the air she was breathing
to get a spark started

nor lay hands on her

nor soot up the inkwell
clarity of her eyes

destruction hung from dry mouths
of ill will, unspoken
cowardly and anonymous angst
too impure to matter next to
her carbon-kissed skin,
mother of diamonds

the raging elements
recognized the deep blue
of her soul
as a genuine piece
of the source and knew
there was no ending her

only closing…

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