The fools follow lies

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The fools follow lies

1 January 2017

fools-pinterest-com-3 Courtesy


Blinded hatred herd

Pushing through

Wars of faith

Warlords faithless brink masters

Pushing to blisters


A brief bleak respite

Nature’s call

Angels fall

Instincts of the animal

Woven in mammal

Prime life thoughts

Rhyme forget me nots

Prayers meek


Art of taking to the peak

Mistakes that they seek

All is spent

Pennies and heaven

Pains in souls


Momentary bridled lamp

The blind back to camp

Treasure map

Splitting in four squares

Hidden wolves

Prepare lairs

In the message look for ark

Brittle noise their bark

Orders tight

Like my bosom’s breath


Lifelike death

The wise point to the blue skies

The fools follow lies

Reading of the poem: 

fools-bit-rebels-com-hand-finger-painting-illusions-3 Courtesy

Warlords – Audiomachine

Wars of Faith – Audiomachine

When it all falls down – Audiomachine

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