“Too late for forgiveness”

Too late for forgiveness

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A new poem finally. A sad one. If you feel death is more important then life. Please call me. Maybe I can help.


Too late for forgiveness.

Second brother put into the cold earth.
Death by their own hands.
Left many to swim in bad decisions and not enough kind words.

The things I believed in.
Became useless and not fruitful anymore.
Words said without thoughts or kindness.
Left my soul in blackness.
I wished too late to take back words that degrade a life of a brother.

I learn the important things we must believe are  simple and plain.
I learn we must rise and fall. Cry and laugh. Beg and demand.

I chisel my brother names into an old Oak tree.
I asked the Spirit of life and death to forgive me for being a bastard instead of a friend.
Silence and loneliness left me be to the solitude of pen and paper.

I learn we are all mortals.
Too blind to see beyond our own glory.
Till names of the dead are carved in your chest.

Today I remember two strong boys who showed no fear.
The hidden demons no-one saw.
Took them to a rope and no goodbye.

Their death made me more gentle in action and in words.
The dream of wealth became less needed.

Now I offer an open door to friends and family.
I will listen to someone who is struggling and try to help.
I don’t believe you can be forgiven.

Lonely graves of two sacred boys are permanent scars on a mind and heart.
No-one cared that they saw death more sweet than life.

I wished I’d listen to a wise grandfather.
“Nothing good to say. Say nothing. Negative words and actions can
caused permanent damage.”

Better to be a friend then be standing by a casket saying a final goodbye.