Loycilla’s Canvas

Please read the amazing words of a talented writer.


Her beauty was sewn from the
Same cloth as pheromones.
She was one of only two pieces
God ever painted by hand.

Her eyes were intricate like
A phoenix’s plumage.
Her curves, designed from the science
That gave us alien space ships.

Carelessly primal, inifinitely appealing;
Her breasts were a celestial treasure.
South of that is what caused a third
Of angels to fall like a deck of cards.

Mortals and immortals alike,
Looked at her to their perdition.
Her gaze turned hearts to stones,
She confessed to be building something.

With the hearts that became stone,
Loycilla had built a gift for humanity.
Rubbing her off from existance,
God shed tears that became our oceans.

I closed my eyes,
Pulled up the Loycilla’s canvas.
I cherished the power of Loycilla’s gift;
The gift of imagination.

Close your eyes
And get a glimpse of eternity.

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