Yesterday, Today and Forward

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Creator's Hammock

There is no metaphor for violence,
Specifically violence of hate and ignorance.
I am connected to my Earth, my metaphors come from any essence of brilliance she possesses.
Hate did not originate on this planet, it was brought and used to turn a species against itself.

These people have become parasites,
Terrorists of the world,
As followers of joyous pain and anger,
Of privilege.

What does it take to unmask a country?
Preached words of hatred
To reveal what the oppressed have been screaming at their neighbors from the beginning.
With the deafening and silent violence
Of spiteful followers,
An eye is willing to open.

The future belongs to those who can see it.
It belongs to the children, to the young people who cannot see anything but love in another’s soul; to those who have learned from human’s past.
With the humanity that lives,
Our race is taking…

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