“Needing and bleeding”

Needing and bleeding

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Love teaches us many things. Mainly hold on tight and be kind.


                                     Needing and bleeding

I have lived and died in your arms. You were my salvation and my death.
Sweet kisses once held so precious seem so far away.
Once you told me. I was your everything and only need. Sweet words turned dirty with time.

I use to pray for someone like you. Wild and fearless in life and dreams. I didn’t know you can’t hold the wind or control the hurricane. The free road and great dreams had no time for love.

You found me after we parted. Your kind blue eyes filled with tears asked me to be okay. I told you. It is okay honey. Love is twisted. We can’t get what we want. We learn to accept less. Whiskey, song and taverns are a safe friend. They request little and I can forget your beautiful face sometimes.

My sweet friend whispered. Love lead us to madness. We were lace, sweet read wine and hiding away in our small  apartment. You can’t disappear my love. Life isn’t love. Life is hard work and goals.

I told her I remembered her barefooted in her white lace dancing to Leonard Cohen. You gave me a journal and a ring. Made me know what love could be. We almost had it all and we allowed the decisions of our world to kill what we had. I believe love is needing and bleeding. I’m bleeding now. It is a slow and easy death. I won’t die. I will learn love is a part of life. Changes to different needs. Today I love the whiskey, the cigarettes and the taverns. They don’t want too much. I wrote a poem for you.

Needing and bleeding

I found you near the lake.
Your sweet voice and dreams stole my heart.
You took me to your apartment.
I drank of your tender skin. You drain my body till I couldn’t move.

You painted my empty life.
I was swimming in the madness of love.
I needed your kiss,  I needed your embraced.
We locked the doors and fell into a private place.
Where lovers danced freely  and learn true meaning of kiss and touch.

I didn’t know. Love was needing and bleeding. I didn’t know love was balanced
on a thread and just  myth of tale to be written.

I have your face imprinted upon my heart. Now  I understand Dante’s love for his Beatrice.
What we cannot have. Make us less hopeful in love and happy endings.

She looked very sad and she asked for me to go home with her. I laughed and I told her.  I may be drunk. Not drunk enough to be foolish. First dance, last dance we did already.  You tore my heart out and left me for dead.
I have bled enough for me. You are beautiful and a temptation. Love cannot be mirrored. Dead love is dead love.  Can’t rebirth something buried in a shallow grave. She left me with questions in her eyes.

I sat alone in the tavern and I saw in visions. I was dancing alone without her.  I remembered her perfect skin and long legs. I raised my glass of whiskey to the Gods and said. Thank you for the damned education.

Coyote/John Castellenas