Oh Martin,

Powerful words and thoughts by a talented writer.

Kickin' It With Karima

The price of peace cannot be paid for in blood.

You cannot exchange it for something a little bit easier,

Bullets cannot pay for olive branches.

Bombs cannot buy you outstretched arms,

Because the price for peace cannot be paid for in blood.

Nor only in love.

It takes so much more than that.

It takes compassion  and hope,

and the remembrance of dreams long forgotten.

It takes understanding by the Euro,

Forgiveness by the Peso,

and determination by the Dollar.

Peace does not understand the clanking of soldiers boots in foreign lands,

does not understand tear gas and armed trucks.

Because peace cannot be paid for in blood.

An ode to Martin Luther King Jr. A man who paid for peace not with his life but by his life. So I ask you, what are you willing to pay ?

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