The sweetest of songs

Please the amazing words of a talentd writer.

Siren Whispers

fullsizerenderHe watches

as the chords of music

wrap themselves around her.

As they dance

with every movement of her body.

Every curve

every line

a melody of their own.

Combining to make the sweetest music

for his eyes.

With a flick of her wrist

a tilt of her head

the sway of her hips

he is enthralled

he is enraptured.

Her dance

deeply rooted in her soul

deeply rooted in her desire

for him.

She speaks without words

burning her name

forever upon his soul.

Linking them

across time

across space.

Her body

her soul

singing the sweetest of songs.

Her surrender.

To him.


*This is not a new writing but in these cold, grey days of winter one needs the heat that comes from music and dance.


Photograph taken from Pinterest

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