A little sin


Little sin

Your flowing black hair flowing in the gentle breezes making me wish to have you home nude and free. You are my little sin in a life filled with work and deadlines. I want you take off your black dress slow and easy. Make me yearn for your kiss and touch. I want you to straddle me allowing your hair to encircle me and make me know the sense and smell of your skin and hair. You are my needed little sin and I love you dearly.


Lie to me

You disrobe slowly and stand bare and nude in front of me.

You reach-out to me. Took my vodka and juice drink and you whispered

“Redemption are for the lucky ones.

Us wallowing in sin and gin.

Need the cheap motel and the poet’s lies.

I like the dark motel room dear lover.

Smell like dirty street and old sin.

Love cost dear Poet and the chaos of the shade of love can be enough.

Make me a vodka and juice with some extra vodka,

to kill the wish for anything that can be profound.

Dear poet. Sin, gin and deep bottles  of vodka are the sorry sounds of

the people wanting nothing. This is us.”

John Castellenas/Coyote






Coyote/John Castellenas