Pine tree : In the echo of my mothers pine~by Nutan Sarawagi

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An ode to my mother and all those who rear life to fall in themselves
Inspired by the great poet Ron DuBour

Pine tree :
In the echo of my mothers pine

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The echoing pines in your words did rhyme
echoing a grief in to bereave
A time gone past
when we were trees

Now we lie gathering
in it to shine
The days of dust
of traffic soiled grime
in us to shed our leaves so shorn of a time
once lived now in it gone no more mine
of a life shredded in it so torn

of people bereft of a life they lived
in it to fulfil no more fun filled
of a drudgery of life in it to bare

of a life lived seamless in it to rear

prolonging life for life’s sake
in it to groan and quake
of a tear filled tree as…

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