Poet’s Love Song #romantictuesday

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Brave & Reckless

I have been thinking about the many way poets express love through words, how often we give our words to others like gifts and how rarely people speak words of love to us in our native tongue.  This is love poem to all the beautiful, brilliant poets who I am privileged to know.  I see you and you are beautiful.

I see you

Yes, you poet

You who lives

Behind the misty veil

Dwelling in the border

Between this world

And a hundred other

Shadow worlds

I see you

I see those ink-stained


That hold your pen

Like a lover

That fly across the keyboard

In a torrent

Before stopping, hesitating


For the flow of words to resume

I see the permanent rings

Countless cups of coffee

Have left on your writing table

The chip in your favorite mug

I see the frayed fabric

On your cuffs


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