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The wanderess

Write me a poem

About how my attenuated body is carried by the ocean’s tide

About how  my misery makes me feel

Like I’m drowning.

Write me a poem

About all the times you’ve dreamt about me

About the way we hold each other through the waves

So we can either be each other’s saviors, or weigh each other down.

Carry me along

Through rough seas and into the wildest thunderstorms

Your ubiquitous beauty

And throw your anchor on my heart

When you cry

I will make waterfalls out of your tears

In which I soak my body and rest my mind.

Be my ocean

And I will search for the hidden treasure in the depths of your soul.

Then let me be your ship

And will take you on voyages

While I kiss your salty lip.

-theheroiccouplet/ thewanderess (f.z)

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