Everybody knows-part two

Everybody knows

(Everybody knows

Trickery and foolishness had led us to new place.

Everybody knew we allowed a mad man to win.

I hold no hatred for the Arabic people.

They have been my teachers and kind to me often in my life.

We can’t allow a naysayer and liar to twist our mind and thoughts.

We are one people and one earth.

We must work together as one.

Every life had value.

Every child need a fair chance.

You rate a man by his deeds.

Not his color, religion  or race.

Everybody knows if we allow hatred to control  this world.

We allowed the Devils to win.

We must lead with concern, kindness and love.

Not walls or banning of great people from entering our land.)






A Poem by Coyote Poetry


I awoke pissed off today. Then my Poet of music Leonard Cohen set me off to describe my emotion.


   (I borrow a few lines from Leonard Cohen.
Sometime we need to learn emotion and feelings
from people who lived a long life.)

Everybody knows
“Mr. President. Did you see the confusion you are causing?  You want to create hate and separation. Do you give a shit about the people? The bloody rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.  We the people must remember. We are  one people and one earth. Black, brown, red and white. We must gather as one. If we don’t. We will fall as one.
Where are you Mr. President?”Was the fight already fixed.”We have a rich man president?Everybody knows.House representatives. 435 men and woman.I saw your budget.1.1 billion for food and office.2.3 million per representative to live on.How many people have nothing in your states?How many people are homeless?Are the schools teaching the future of the USA properly? Do you walk your streets and see the pain?No equality in the USA yet. Babies being born in the poor cities.With one foot in the grave at the beginning.Wars are being fought.No-one  knows why we are fighting anymore?
Today many are demonstrating in the streets. The women stood together. An amazing and beautiful day it was.
President want a fence. Keep the Mexican out. President want to ban countries from entrance to the USA.  President want to create a need oil pipeline. He will create this pipeline with blood.
Image result for Dakota Pipeline Protest Signs
 I pray to the sky, the water and the earth.Sent wisdom to the men in-charge. Please ensure all children have food in their belly.Please lord of life and earth.Insure all children have a warm bed to sleep in.Please lord.Give opportunity and strength to the people in need.We need a miracle.War and hate is controlling my world.Please sent some Angels of love and peace to assist.We could use them today.
              Thank you
I awoke with fear.I fear for tomorrow.What will our children have left?What have we done?I hated my father for doing nothing.Now am I any better? I believe I did less.Will my children despise me for doing nothing.It is time to yell.Write to the leaders. All of them. Demonstrate in the streets. Mad man create hate and separation. Poor man will pay for the  greed of the rich man controlling the USA.             Everybody knows. Does anyone
care?                             Coyote