Crystalline Tear

Please read and enjoy the work of a amazing writer.


we meet between the fjords

when air feels like ice and snow falls

covering everything with silence—

winter’s dignified lack of lament—

as a solitary fire welcomes us, and dawn

in the here and now I slowly disrobe

you briskly peel off your clothes

flames are coursing through our veins after all

shivering skin tinted with bluish hues swiftly turns pink

bodies wrapped up in smoke of their own making

vanquishing the cold, showing up the North

we burn surrounded by ghosts armed with swords

our distant kin—fierce tribes of Vikings

honouring our passion with cheers and raised shields

they know

I caught the howling wind with my fingers

and bottled it for a few decadent hours

don’t you see?

I’d do almost anything to taste acrystalline tear

rolling off your perfectly formed cheekbone

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