Only for you

(Thank you Yuriy Ku Drop for the amazing artwork. Needed muse for my writing)

"Night Rain", 2016-2017, Yuriy Ku Drop

“Night Rain”, 2016-2017, Yuriy Ku Drop

                            The night rain

Velvet and silk dreams turned stormy and dark.

I held you close and I whispered.

A little bit longer dear love.

I want to listen to your heart  and hear you speak.

I want to remember us holding tightly in the cold of the February rainy days and nights.

I want to remember the days and nights of love.

I want to remember us.

"A Piece Of Cloth", 2016, Yuriy Ku Drop

“A Piece Of Cloth”, 2016, Yuriy Ku Drop


Beautiful Jenny was like the sea.

Her love was the vodka and the juice.

Suiciding boarding the sea was her last passion.

She told me often.

White lies, demanding and dark lies.

Just words for the beggars of the skin.

Real love is free and wild mind,

open road and wild sea.

Love will kill us slowly but,

when we show real face.

Share kiss and embrace without ownership.

Mistress love can be found.

Love is food for the heart.

Song for the feet and

wishes for the foolish souls.

                         John Coyote/Coyote