My Fearless Wolf

Please read the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

Been a wolf before my alias,

but also a harmless sheep,

not the big bad type, but a viciously observant one, who seen my own weaknesses, so I ate the likes of me.

The overall sweetness, other’s tried to sink malicious teeth into, running over my shyness, stepping on genuineness, without ending proof.

Thought to be only a mushy cream filled center of optimism,

all trustful by my truth’s,

mydouble dose of loyalty, fed many, but was sought mostly by the ruthless.

Been smitten, a sex kitten,

a driven cougar, with panther moves.

Been several 1st best ever’s,

a heart’s whispered forever,

clever in speech, as well as genius, in my desires to teach.

Been a praying Angel before,

a lioness,

a nympho positioned in every angle,

a heartbreaker impressing the soul’s core, leaving hearts entangled.

Good times,

but back to my being a wolf, all types of…

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