The Holocaust — c.2005

Powerful and worthwhile words and thoughts. Please read and pass on.

Make it into Art

Father, what’s wrong? Why do you cry?

Have I said something bad, father? Tell me, is it I?

No my dear son, it’ll never be you.

Run, find some clothes, son- we’ve got much to do.


Why are you packing, father? Are we going away?

Yes, my son, and we’ll be back, I promise. Someday.


But father, please help- I don’t like those men.

Will we ever see our nice home again?

Why’s mummy so small now and sad all the time?

Can’t we be happy, father- it’s not a crime.

Stop asking questions- you’ll get taken from me,

Stay close to me, son- we’re no longer free.


Now get on that train, son, and help mummy up.

Go squeeze in that corner- I’ll have to stand up.


Is this where we’re stopping? But there’s nothing in sight.


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