Where i’m from

Please read the amazing poetry of a talented writer.

Mind Elixir

I am from frost covered tree branches,

and moss covered mounds.

I am from whiskers and claws.

I am from shelves of books

and rows of mazes.

I am from sail boats made of paper.

I am from baths of chlorine

and whistle starts

False Starts and re-do’s.

I am from the river of tears

and valleys of mistakes.

I am from two plane rides

and two paths colliding.

I am from splits in the Earths crust, or,

the humans heart,

or the mind.

Maybe all three.

I am from the ants that crawl on my skin

and the worms when it rains.

I am from nowhere near and yet nowhere far.

I am from light within existence, this is all I know.

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