You Are The Ripple In My Lake Of Loneliness

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An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

wamtacShips sleep in their docks

as the Harbor waters are still

A puzzle of little babies

all shimmering in their mothers glow

I toss a pebble in the waters

and the ripples, ever so faint

create something new

inside something established for so long

That ripple was you

always there, always ready

to jump into action

always there

to make me into something new

How something so small

can be so inspirational

is left to the muses themselves

but the beautiful change you caused in me

is left in me, forever to dwell

You are my pebble

in the lonely night

and the ripple

in my once unchanging life

What I do in the dark

is brought to light through you

and what I do under the sun

through you, is given to everyone

Something so still and subtle

can change my mind, burst my bubble

and make me fall…

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