My Native Americans

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Soulja Girl

By:Tina Glover/Unknownperson79

“My Native Americans”

My native americans

we have fought war’s

against us and some

we have lost and we

have been

slaughtered and we

have been beaten

down until our land

has been stolen

away from us but we

have always followed

our culture and

heart’s and we also

listen to our passed

on ancestors of

them telling us to

keep on fighting to

protect”Mother Earth”

at all costs and as

we protest to keep

our water ways

clean so our children

and grandchildren

won’t fall subjected

to polluted water

and food because if

we don’t stop them

or try to help our

children and

grandchildren will

suffer from our

grand mistakes of

letting our country

and society fall

victim to more

sickness and illnesses

and death due to

the water and food

poisoned and

polluted by our

government and

country and no one

sees the problem


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