I Witness

Please read the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

RamJet Poetry


I witness

have become an eye-witness

to your atrocity

or do you see it as generosity?

fastidious interventions

causing causation

burn the incense in

your chambers of innocence

we clamor for notoriety

under tables and in backrooms

torturing our propriety

did we ever own any of our reality?

I witness

have become defenseless

left alone with our decisions

unbound and tied down

cotton candy inquisitions

color me black and blue

I will not forgive you

or your indiscretions

we are aiming for you

running for office

we swallow the implications

cutting away the cancers of

your manipulations

I see you, i.c.u.

sycophant money-maker

obsequious servile wretch

insect eyes with reptilian mind

you of uncommon birth

misshapen perfection silver spooned

with the air of failure

and a scent of red jasper

mood stone stoned in hate

greed and lust

arbiter of rust

assassin of trust

I witness

I tasteless, more or…

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