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RamJet Poetry


I’m cold as rain

Pain is my home

this the sounds of Armageddon

grey tremors abound

feeling for some meaning

as we watch the eclipse

Pain is my home

the sun is in the sky

there is a roof over my head

and a tomb in which I lie

It drips icicles of fire into my veins

and I lay upon a pyre

breathe in my smoking remains

Pain is my home

hither it comes, tearing me down

I feel it again

recourse in your gaze

we acquiesce to fear and what’s to be

highlands awash with our regrets

weather comes crashing in

the pain is alone

From the gift of Prometheus

I have felt no warmth, only flame

As I turn away from the sound

of my name, I take the long way down

Choke on the solace of my home,this place of pain

wait for the storm


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