Gossip Her..

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Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

To those who wish, to remain in the dark, of her jester mocking, and hardened heart.

Whether church, co-workers or relatives, who see her continual takings and usage,

as their limitation gives.

To those, who hear the defaming of her tongue, who sit by and witness, and wonder once gone.

Yes, you are included in this maniac behavior, once in safe distance, she defames also your nature.

This entity has no favorites, or loving manners.

For you, are also part of her distasteful, chatter.

She hangs on to your attention, summing you up whole, then waits behind your presence, to dig lower than a mole.

Callously her tongue, is a double swords’ edge,

obtaining your information,

and maliciously, killing your name dead.

Without hesitation, everyone falls prey to her gift of gab,

while few question, motives and reasons, of why she speaks,

of others’ so bad.

In her mind…

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