Mystery woods

A amazing poem by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.


In the woods

He finds a lady with

Blurry eyes,

Modest smile,

Succulent lips,

Cascade hairs.

Was she a human or a grown up Changeling?

For she lured him in

With her bewitching looks.

What perfect enchantress!

He followed her through the woods

Then they reached the mystical lands

He finds everything around so glittery and beautiful

If heaven was anywhere, it was that place.

He saw the green leaves,

They smiled back at him

The lady now moves into her cave

By now he’s enthralled

Captivated and senseless, he walks into the cave

Loosing his shadow,

Hearing his own breaths.

He finds her waiting, for him

With a garland of white orchids

She smiles again,

Oh! Her beautiful modest smile

It drives him insane

Killing his senses.

He goes closer to her

Bewildered with what he sees

An old, heavy figure waiting for him

Shocked and filled with obscurity…

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