The seasons of love

The seasons of love

(The first chapter)

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Old memories.


The seasons of love

Late August 1978. My Scotland Beauty and I were enjoying our last days and nights together. She was a auburn hair beauty who stole my heart in the Early Spring. We drank, danced and create a life. She was working the Summer in Germany and she needed to finish her college in Scotland. We made great plans for love and marriage. Last day of August, I was waiting for Sheena by the Boebingen small lake. I was sitting by the lake and  reading some Jack London. A beautiful German stood above me and she asked. What you reading Johnnie?  I looked up. A long blond hair beauty with river blue eyes were watching me. I held silence surveying perfect legs and body in her see-through white Summer dress. I told her. Jack London book “When Gods laugh”. I asked her. You know my name and I don’t know your name. She smiled and she told me. ” I have been looking for you.  You have forgotten me. At the Spring Festival in January. You promised me wild nights and great love.  If you don’t know. You are famous. You were the beer drinking champ of the tavern and the wild man who loved the girls. We danced, we laughed and I held you till the morning lights. You escaped me in the morning. Are you afraid of the German girls? My name is Daniela.”

Daniela, she left me breathless. She was a perfect German girl.  Eyes of blue, tall, long legs and robust breasts. She was a tempting woman.  She was filled with confident and she had a voice of a angel. I told her. I remember you. You carried me to your home, wrapped me in a blanket and you caressed my forehead like a little baby. I did escape. You are too beautiful for me. Mistress love is dangerous and can be so sweet. She will tempt you and give you everything. Bring you into a self-made prison where heartbreak is the final place. If I held you too long. I would be addicted. I know wild and free spirits. You are a wild and free lady. No-one will own you or keep you. You would be the keeper.


She smiled and laughed at my words. She asked me. “Am I siren or muse dear Johnnie. Remember love that is slumbering in darkness. Become a heavy load to carry. If you don’t attempt the temptation of touch and kiss. You will always wish you did. When you seek more than beer and song. Please come find me dear Poet.”

Sheena arrived at noon. She was leaving for her home in two days. She was my Spring and Summer love. I told her. I wrote a poem for you dear love.

My Sheena

I have adored you my love since the first I saw you.
You were a Summer rose on a  cold Winter day.
I re-arranged my life to find you and know you.
You have become my first wish and last wish.
We have sang, danced and allowed love to grow.
Please be my lover today, tomorrow and forever”

She fell into my arms and she cries. She whispered to me. “Johnnie, my sweet. Please wait for me. Please don’t break my heart. “I told her. I would die first. Her fingertips roll over my bare arm and to my face. I took her hands and I kissed them. I told her. I will miss you everyday and I want you to do well in school. I will here, yearning and waiting for you my love.

John Castellenas/Coyote