Peace will come,if. At least by one.

Peace will come, even if. At least by one.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


A 1979 poem with a rewrite.


Peace will come, even if, only by one.


Old man sat by the sea. He whispered a prayer. An old prayer repeated often in his lifetime.

“Please God of the sea, please god of the wind and the sky, please goddess of the forest and the green.
Please send the blessing of hope and forgiveness to the dying earth.

Please allow us to learn to lead with concern, love and forgiveness.
It is time for us who love peace over war to stand as one.
It is time to end racism and for us to respect all life.”

Today mad men run our world.  Men who make us believe. We have enemy in Asia and In Africa.  Make us believe Muslims are bad people. Men who denounce a complete religion as deadly need to learn. Most Muslims live in Africa. Most Muslims live in peace. Maybe the mad men in Washington D.C are the demons?

Old lesson I have learned. No perfect country. Most have bad deeds done. USA been involved in war for almost 80 years. USA try to destroy a Native American nation and held racism closely yesterday and today. Europe and Asia have many bad deeds and actions.  Who is wrong and who is right?

USA hadn’t been attack since WW2. USA went to Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and many more.  Today USA soldiers are serving in 40 countries plus. I don’t believe we are the saviors. I served in the Middle East and Africa.  I protected oil wells, not people. Did we save Korea? Maybe. Did we save Vietnam? No. Did we destroy Iraq? Yes.

I pray to the sea.

“The earth, the sky and the sea.
Please hear my words.
We are led by Berserkers.
The Berserkers want blood and profit.
The Berserkers want more nuclear weapons.
Please send wisdom to the men in-charge.
Guns and soldiers are not the road to peace.
Guns and soldiers are to murder and kill , to murder the last wisp of kindness.
Please make the leaders learn.
The road to peace is simple.
Send food, water and medicine to places in need.
Don’t send soldiers to places in chaos. Soldiers in a foreign land are just strangers there to murder and kill.
Please stop the Berserkers from sending weapons to men who seek terror and separation.
Please, the earth, the sky and the sea.
Allow the people who seek equality, fairness and peace.
To stand as one.
Every life had value.
The poor child in Detroit and the child in Syria need a fair chance to live without fear.
Any life lost to war. They could have been the person to save us all.”

The below poem written in 1980 and the above poem written in 1978.

A lad
I was such a lad.

Strong willed and a mind unable to change it path.

A path leading to a walk-through war, seeing death and taking life.

To understand from a lesson learn so deeply.

I must stop war.

But alas.

One day upon a bloody war field.
Such a lad, such as so many good lads.
Died for the profit of war.


I pray I won’t do what my father, a Korean and Vietnam veteran, did. Take his child to the airport to be deployed to a war zone.  Look at your child. Is war, the answer my friend?
John Castellenas/Coyote