Hopeful and positive words by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Where Words Daily Come

Kindred spirits sharing love from around the world,
Touching each other with their welcoming words
Having never seeing another face to face at all
Embracing life pages as their words are now heard

We find great hope within the hearts and minds we meet
While eating from the same table of Gods creative delight
Each day we are filled with many amazingly genuine words
While finding our great love for sharing helps us to unite

Together each day we lift up hungry spirits in this world
With our individual gifts trying never to leave one behind
For we all are part of the same beautiful sharing coverlet
Full of the real love which our God always had in mind

Even though we as humans are the same in many ways
We each were gifted specifically by heavenly design
Being bound in the loving spirit of sharing our words
To shine…

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