Please read and enjoy the words of a talented writer.


How could I ever feel sorrow knowing that our love still lingers,

Within smudges of ink, carved out by the dance of fitful fingers,

Within the rundown sentences, sprinkled on paper flurries,

Reanimated by the construction of our diction,

A love this pure is only meant for the halls of fiction,

Made to waddle in the bedrock of fantasies.

How could I miss you, when you’re just a flick of a pen away,

How could I pine for you, when you’re just another daydream away.

This is our destiny, to be tucked away by the unbidden stream,

Patch together the desolate clusters of fantastical memories,

To write each other into our lives, color in the vacancies,

Live out our imaginary lives, in the bosom of a paper-dream.

They say you can make anything by writing, so let’s tell our story,

Let’s immortalize our unborn love into poetry.

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