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Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

She captively waited on his comings and goings,

each passionate rise, she felt snuggly in her loins.

Her smallest actions kept him delusionally reaching.

Afterwards, enjoying his full acceptance, by her small releases,

as his plunge of hunger, driven girth,

and drilling, erupted her too pieces.

His reaping her harvest, and slowly subjecting her sown,

she sensually awaited his lips to claim her breast and palace’s throne.

She leapt at the chance to arousal by his crown, as he rubbed so avidly, to the provocative sounds,

she waited, watching his eye’s close, astounded

She waited in wonder of his artsy surprises,

watching him edibly,

as his kisses,

teased both thighs.

She waited as the second round was more crucial than the first.

As her body melted- mockingly creamy,

as he torn into it worse.

She anticipated the sexiest compliments too be hollered, attached with her name,

waiting to…

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