Trapped in your curse.

Please read the amazing work of talented writer.

"Ananya, The Verbal Seduction."

In your thoughts,
Immersed so deep.
Too deep I’ve gone,
I need to take a leap.

A leap so requisite,
to jump out of your
Don’t misunderstand it
for reverie.
They are your mere
awful visions.

Visions of you in love,
In love with someone else.
You, kissing her so right,
She, holding on you so tight.

So tight for you,
to even make a slight shift.
So right for her,
like that of a perfect drift.

Is this the jealousy ranting?
Am I envying her for the good?
Believe me, I am here contemplating,
About your soul so crooked.

I can see it through,
through your transparent yet filthy soul.
That what you’re gonna do.
You’re using her like another doll.

A doll to play with,
As long as you don’t find another toy.
For which you don’t deserve being called a man.
You are just another wicked boy.

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