A amazing Poets work-John Alexander Mcfadyen

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A Poem by John Alexander McFadyen

Today’s societies



are the corpses

who could not see the future.

They stayed behind hoping,

beyond rational hope,

for salvation.

They refused to accept

that man’s greed has become so,

so intense,

that love for humanity

no longer exists.

Children cry out

in pain and in hunger

in their death throws.

Their parents die


unable to protect those innocent souls.

And we simply

order our new


stand by

and watch.



© 2017 John Alexander McFadyen


Trattoria Tryst

I would meet you on the bridge of sighs,

deep languorous sighs,

drunk as gulps of intense desire

where they evaporate into sensual

waves of warm, slow lust.

Where melting like warm candle wax

happens and you become the focus

of my unrestrained intentions,

and I become………………yours.

Where our skin dissolves

at mere touches, mere whispered

soft fingered strokes

that light the fires in our bellies

and send us to the frenzied reaches

of electric, heightened anticipation.

A mere look and shivers, shudder

in shades of grey down our spines.

There we gleefully make The bargain

between us,

man and woman,

deep intrusion sought and welcome,

indeed urged with a passion

that swells and swells

until it  bursts

in overflowing

satiate satisfaction.



© 2017 John Alexander McFadyen

Su Filindeu

A Poem by John Alexander McFadyen

Food for Thought!

Su Filindeu

In innocence,

I looked to you.

Heard your whispered


Searched the nakedness

of your sweet lips.

The swell of your breasts,

the offer of your delicious hips.

There I found


A reason to dwell,

to stay engaged

with the dream.

Your words dripped

Greek yogurt


the ambrosia of Gods.

A safe place to live

and stay

in harmony.

And so I remained,

and there I long still.