Dancing Dirty To Morning Light

Please read and enjoy the amazing poetry by a talented writer.

An Aspergian's Chemical Romance

WAMTACStanding in the window

she gazes at the morning light

reflecting off skyscrapers

hair in a bun, top undone

she awaits her newest client

unsuspecting her voracious loving

he’ll take too many bites

unbeknownst to her cunning

she lies on the floor in front of a mirror

admiring two outrageous peaks

peaking out from cut out latex pants

smiling at her sexiness

she twists and turns her body

staring seductively at the ceiling

as if to make it come over her

imagining him undoing

bronze buttons

imaging him breathing down her neck

as he pushes deeper inside

her youthful appearance

was betrayed by a slutty soul

knowing things

only harlequins know

Kissing the mirror

the reflection of herself

she’d leave a trace of her beauty

and another notch on his belt

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