Amazing poetry by a talented writer. Please read and enjoy.

Sharpest Perception a Road Less Traveled

I must reintroduce myself,

to my free spirit.
It gets beside itself.
For it stands by me,

Flee’s outside me, but casually pretends, that it lives somewhere else.
In it’s own spontaneous,


flying, a wild child,

free, uninterrupted, journeying alone for miles.

Like an Albatross or an Owl
over oceans in the skies night,
waving at me mockingly,
while soaring in flight.
Like it fears my flight is stunted
I’m too down to earth, and grounded, feet firmly planted, possibly in quicksand surrounded,


unable to taste my own actual worth.

I believe my Free-Spirit forgets,
that it should fret,
like a puppet,
I pull- it’s strings.

Outside of me,

It’s spontaneity,
is merely,
very clearly,
also my thing.
I may appear to just stand and plan, but that Albatrosses longest wingspan,
is in flight to my dreams.

While the Owl inside, exhibits my nocturnal pride,
my freedom…

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