Don’t Paint Me

Please read and enjoy the work of a amazing writer.


Mr Constable, da Vinci, Renoir
will you paint me in a tradition of oils
striking, bold, acrylic
or softly softly in colours of water?
Please don’t paint me with Mona Lisa smiles
serene and complacent
Don’t paint me frowning
in disapproval of the artist and his tricks
Don’t paint me with laughing eyes
when really they are sad
Don’t paint me in stained glass holiness
mother with child, Madonna blue
halos floating over
Don’t paint flirtations of your mind
paint me a real woman
the one who understands who she is
and knows what your brushes can do
Mr Picasso, Monet, Matisse
paint me as I am
or don’t paint me at all




I wrote this poem nearly three years ago, it’s altered a little since first writing it.  Can’t believe it took me so long to get round to recording this.  Of…

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