“Fasting in love”

Fasting in love

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Love that is distance and far away. Is it myth or just sweet dreams.


                     Fasting in love

I made promises of Paris and I yearned for things that I cannot have. Flaming souls are just people crazed with the madness of love. I have read words of love that would marvel the complete moon and the vast sea. I feel like a man upon a secluded island left to suffer with the fasting in love.

I would bleed for reasons to know wild night of passion with you. I would cut my heart out and give it to the one, I love. Will I find you tonight in sweet dreams or die in the memories of lips not touched? Embraces unknown.

I saw your photo and I wondered what hid behind your beautiful face and blue eyes. Woman are fickle. Once I wanted nothing, now I wanted everything. We have kissed with words and shared dreams. We have kissed and parted often. Truth from a lie. Where is the boundaries?

I do go slow and easy. I watch my step. I wish for good espresso coffee and sharing of long conversation. I want to know what make you content. I feel twisted-up in two worlds wishing to hear you whispers. You are mine and I’m your.

I’m not demanding anymore. Years ago I was the king of the world. Today I know I’m just one more pauper living to find reasons to go forward. I live in a self-made prison. I have accepted my final destination.

I do dream of Katie. Dancing, drinking and to listen to her words and dreams. Sweet Katie like to test my mind. I believe all writers are insane and like to walk a dangerous line of no return.

Fasting in love. The Gods do not understand. Sweet Katie. Please fly away to find some sort of peace.  I hope you know true joy and happiness. I wonder will I find you tonight. Hope for a sweet word of hope. Love comes to the deserving people. You deserve love and happiness.

Coyote/John Castellenas