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That horrible sound that reality orchestrates when “it” all gets waterlogged and comes crashing down

Sandcastles amidst the clouds where a orange, red and yellow realm appeared golden like promises long ago

All the reveries are silent now, the cherubim lurk in thunderstorms and carry different weaponry readying for homicide’s round

Awaken in a lonely cradle on the ground with streaks of dreams across your cheek—mementos of the wrongs done

What was said was enough to drop an ocean from a heaven of your own; in your eyes all the stars are lightning—the fallen yet to rouse

“I love you but I’m not in love with you”

The sidewalk, beneath​ your feet as you stand, appears marbled in a fine litter of a garland that hung around your head like diamond

In which the edges of keep slipping into the rainfall, what were those tightly held words again you…

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