A Letter to Syria 🇸🇾 

Sad and true words and thoughts. Pray for peace and pray for Syria. Please read.

A Thousand Years of Learning

Dear Syria,

I’m sorry we have forgotten you. I’m sorry the world has lost its sympathy, compassion and care. Probably, constant news and photos of dying children have turned our hearts into stones.

Facebook doesn’t give you an option to mark yourself safe as it knows you have no access to the Internet. It doesn’t even ask us to change our display photos to show solidarity towards you. And people don’t use hashtags of savesyria any more.

My Syrian friends don’t talk about you too. They feel helpless and probably an escape from this conversation seems a better option to them.

But let me confess Syria! When I saw you on my newsfeed today, I immediately scrolled down and avoided looking at you. Because I was too afraid to look at your helpless and motionless babies.

Then I came to work and picked the paper. You were on front page…

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