Dark days of Texas-part two

Dark days of Texas-part two

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


A story.


       Dark days of Texas-part two

Wolf woman Sherry didn’t like the Last Chance saloon.  Just people in the saloon she hated. Mainly bounty hunters and murderers. She held a deep hate for them.  She hated their fake smiles and their want to kill and drink only.  She liked the China hotel. When her and John was in Austin. She would live in the hotel. She liked the hotel. The manager and owner Sammy was kind and polite. He ensured she had a clean room and a hot bath. The hotel was busy. The back-side of the hotel. An opium den for the men who needed the drug. The side of the hotel was a laundry. The hotel was above the food serving area. The Asia working asked no questions and they were kind and friendly.  She would come to Austin with him because of the China Inn. An orderly establishment and very private.

She looked at the stand-up mirror.  She was barely forty and her eyes held great sorrow. She lived a wild and hard life. She feared no-one and few would mess with her. She carry two Walkers six shooters and a visible knife. She wondered for a moment. How she became this face in the mirror? She stripped down slowly. The tempting smell of the lavender and jasmine make her wish to fall into the hot water quickly. She dropped the six-shooters to the floor. They were the first gift John gave her.  She reached down to her boots and took them off slowly and they fell to the side of the large bathtub.  She released the 22 holster from her right leg and the small pistol and belt fell to the ground. She took the knife wrap from her left leg. Tossed the knife to the bed. She turned at looked at mirror and she remembered the young Boston girl for a minute. She was going to save the world. She went to college and became a nurse. Now she was the Wolf woman. Maybe she was support to be here. This was her place. Her ending.

John allowed her to become human again. She released her jeans and she took off her shirt. She turned back to the mirror for a second in her bra and panties. She whispered quietly. You are still pretty and sexy. She laughed at her own words. She tossed off her bra, socks  and panties. She slowly entered the tub allowing the warm water to make her feel okay. In the tub, she closed her eyes and rested.


Old man John was waiting. He had Wild Buck Jalan, two-gun Tammy, double shot Shirley and he knew he needed Byserker Kurt. Berserker Kurt was the key. He was a Civil war legend. He saved John life  and the unit often. At Jonesville, we were outnumbered and ready to be over-ran.  Kurt tasted blood for the first time. With his two large blades he killed 50 Southern soldiers. The Southern soldiers saw Kurt, soaked in blood and he was running toward them. The Southern Soldiers ran for the safeness of the hills. We went to him and he fell down. His clothing soaked in blood and the river he fell into. Flowing blood of the 50 dead soldiers. He served 20 years with John with the Texas Rangers. He saved his life at least 10 times.He quit two years ago. He told him. I won’t kill the Indians. I’m so damn tire of killing. He walked away and he lived in the California mountains where he found peace and calm. But Dirty deed Eric killed his brother and his brother’s wife outside of new Dallas. He was raising his brother’s kids. He told John. I will come out of retirement for one man only. The battle will be my damnation and end. Murderer killing murderer.  A destined place for you and me.  John told him.  We did what we had to do. The Civil war made madmen of the all of us. He would arrive tonight.  John felt a gentle touch and he faced Kurt. They held long embrace. John told him. I missed you my brother. Kurt smiled and he told him in his quiet voice. Good to see you Handsome Johnnie. I’m here for our last dance and I hope we find a pretty dance pardner. John smiled and he told Kurt. I got you a place at the China Inn.  Tomorrow we will plan our trip. Sammy had you set-up. Best opium in the states. Kurt looked very sad and he whispered. The opium is the only thing that keep me from blowing my head off. I see a 1000 dead men I killed in my bloody dreams. The opium is the only peace I know. I wasn’t lucky like you. You have Wolf woman Sherry. Kindest and best woman I have known. Kurt left for the China Inn.

John ordered his last double shot of whiskey and he thought of dear Sherry. He remembered how she hated him and he understood. His unit of Texas rangers killed and murdered Apaches for 10 years. He knew he killed her husband. He was with Wild Buck Jalan, Beserker Kurt and 10 Texas rangers. They attacked at dawn and they killed men, women and the children. Ordered from the President. He wanted every western Indian dead. He remembered her husband. He wore a photo of her and when he bleeding out. He asked me. Please tell my woman Sherry. I die like a Apache. Now he faced the woman, the wife. His savior. He remembered her burning sage and crying in the darkness. He started having the bad dreams. Southern soldiers and Indians were at his feet. Bleeding and demanding equal due. Wolf woman Sherry was sleeping and he remembered. He wanted to stop the dreams. He rolled off the bed and he put the six-shooter pistol to his head. Sherry came to me and she took the pistol.  She looked into his eyes and she told him. I know you. You killed my husband and so many. I know you had your ordered. You dumb-ass men follow ordered and kill and kill. She embraced him and she told him. I prayed for you Johnnie. I prayed for you become a new man. No-more blood. My Gods whispered to me. You must save me and I must save you. She stripped off her bra and panties. Lifted him to the bed and she held him like a child under the buffalo blanket.

The bartender asked him. Old man John. Are you okay? He smiled and he told him. I’m fine and thank you. He rose-up and he headed to the China Hotel. He walked up the steps slowly and quietly. He opened the door and Sherry looked so content and happy in the bathtub. He went to the bed walking quietly and he watched her. She opened her eyes and she whispered. Poor Sally had to add hot water three times. About time Handsome Johnnie. You made a pretty girl wait too long. You could be sleeping alone Cowboy. He smiled and he told her. You are too damn beautiful for me my love.

John Castellenas/Coyote