You Are Mistaken My Love

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Gothic Realms

Do you think I don’t understand you?
That I don’t feel like you do?

Oh how wrong you are,
my friend.

For I am human like you are,
I have the same chemistry
and DNA as you,
I share the same human
experience as you.

Oh and I love you,
no matter your faults.

How is this,
that you think the way you do?

You can’t see my feelings
even though I am showingyou?
I feel like
nothing releases but wind.

What a disgrace,
all you hear is static
and old call’s from your
past relationships.

Is that all I am?
I have become
a wisper in your ear,
a passing itch
already scratched?

My perfume still lingers
but you push it away,
with your bad behavior
and your pushy ways.

But being aggressive
won’t push me away,
because I understand
why you behavior in such
a way.

I see…

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