Dark days of Texas-part three

Dark days of Texas- Berserker Kurt- part three

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


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                               Dark days of Texas- Berserker Kurt.

Berserker Kurt walked in silence and slowly toward the China Inn. He looked forward to Austin, Texas because of her. He carried his own pipe and opium, but the owner of the China Inn had the best Asia opium. The Asia opium seem more easy on the body and the mind. Lately his dream were becoming worst. He rarely slept and his dream more crazy and deadly. Now even when he was awake. The daydreams brought visions to his mind of dead Indians and the southern soldiers he killed. The dead faces and the bloody battle now haunt his days and nights.

The whiskey did nothing for him. The whiskey made him more meaner and more hateful. He left Texas 10 years ago and he never looked back. He remembered when the United State government told the Texas Rangers to kill every Apache in Texas. He remembered the last battle. Wild Buck Jalan, Old man John and himself murdered and burn down a Apache village. He still could hear the children screaming and yelling in his dreams. The damn government offered him the medal of honor to him. He told the government official. Keep you bloody medal and he spit at the feet of the politician. He was very thankful for his Elizabeth. She had found him in Captain Jacks mountains in California. He was screaming and yelling at ghosts and dead people. She went to him. She made him lay on the sand and she caressed his face and forehead. She sang to him the morning song.

My poor little soldier, dark nights and dark life left you cold and alone. Dark battles can never end for you.
Please sleep my poor little soldier. Allow the morning light to make you know peace and calm. Allow the new sun to heal and erase your regrets and your past.

Kurt awoke and he looked at Elizabeth. She was an young Asia beauty with large brown eyes. He was laying in her lap and she held a small pipe. She had a small bowl and she stirred the items in the bowl.  She added the chemical in the bowl into the small pipe and she lit the pipe. She gave the pipe to Kurt and he inhaled the smoke. After he inhaled the pipe three times. He fell into his first deep sleep in many months.

He awoke with his head still laying in her lap and the sun was falling into the near sea. She asked him? Who are you stranger? Are you looking for the sea? He looked at the beautiful Asia girl and he whispered. I have been looking for you kind lady.  She smiled and she introduced herself.  My name is Elizabeth and my friends call me Beth. Before you say too much, I want you to meet my father. He will know if you are a evil man or a good man. Kurt smiled for the first times in many years. She told him. My father own the store, laundry and opium house in the city. He is very wise and a kind man. I like your face. So kind and so sad.

Kurt remembered the father. He was educated and read the papers.  When Kurt walked into the store. The father recognized Kurt. He thanked him for his service than he laughed. He told Kurt. You are the soldier and Texas Ranger who tossed the Medal of honor at the feet of the damn  politician. You spit at his feet. My home is your home my friend. My daughter liked you. She liked few white people. Most white people are seedy and evil. Kurt, if you need help. I can help you.

He was awoke from his daydream by a gentle touch of Monica. She was the lady who helped in the opium house. Very kind, very gentle and still very pretty. Monica took his right hand and she led him to a soft bedding on the ground. She made him lay down and she whispered. Don’t speak. She took off his boots, his guns and the boot knife. She took off his dirty shirt than his pants.  She walked away and she came back with a white shirt and pant. He dressed quickly and he laid on the soft bedding. Monica smiled and she told him. Now you look like a China man. She went to the nearby table and grasp a pipe and a bowl. She brought them to him. The pipe was decorated with Asia’s art and the bowl too. She slowly mixed the chemical in the bowl and she saw the sad eyes of Kurt. She put down the pipe and the bowl. She caressed his hands, face and shoulders. She sang to him.

Relax my little bird.  The world is quiet now.
Relax my little bird.  You are safe and sound now.
Relax my little bird.  Your bad dream will fade away.

She lite the pipe and she handed the pipe to him. He inhaled the opium and he looked at Monica. She reminded him of his dear Elizabeth. He thanks her and he fell into a deep and needed sleep. Monica felt great sadness for Kurt. The soldiers pay for the wars. Their dreams of war forever tattoos in their brain and their skin.  Faces of youth destroyed by war and blood. She caressed Kurt’s face like a baby. She kissed his forehead and she held his hand. She watched him and she ensured the bad dreams stay away.

John Castellenas/Coyote