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Ellie belfiglio

15894570_1381839121846432_3085294624078635048_n… People say that they all know me!

Friends, families, close or far, in chain or free.

Yet no one goes further deep,

To see what I endure when I weep!

… Within me, thousands upon thousands live…

Each await the grand entrance, can you believe?

But no one has ever met me, it is true!

How sad, but oh, so sad, so blue.

… I have an unwritten novel inside;

Waiting to be written with pride.

There are songs, music, poetry inside me,

Waiting to be begun with glee!

… No one wants to know the truth, I guess!

Their loved ones, strangers in darkness.

Yet they take the chance of losing me.

Not thinking the danger in this tragedy!

… Will someone take the time,

To discover, to read my rhyme?

That deep inside the person they see,

Lies much more deeper than me!! …



Passion for…

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