Please read and enjoy the poetry of a talented writer.

Poesy plus Polemics

alex%20cherry-%e3%82%ab%e3%82%a4-22 “Little Bird” by Alex Cherry

failure lurks in her house of success

in cruel beauty of mirrors

reflecting her highly made fiction

the mind in a bind of coherence

that chokes off the impulse of pride

with its fraudulent fingers inflicting

arcane wounds of doubt upon triumph

embarrassed by dint of her certainty

accolades laid at her feet are but

musty bouquets of dead flowers

rewards of unmerited merit

untrustworthy genius

or is this the credulous stuff

of in vogue pop-psychology

missing the simple indicia

that here is a bastardized strain

of a tendent raw human humility

caught in the death-grip of guilt

a congenital outgrowth perhaps

of one’s living a thespian’s life

inside lives that sprang whole

from no more than a pen

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