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There is no place like home,
just like the Pope in Rome
there is no need to roam
the streets because it’s no abode.

We have ourselves a place,
lets sew the pieces to a lace,
not letting go without a trace,
a good vantage would it afford the building pace.

When it has all been said and done,
the conclusions of many remains to run
and running will not help the generations to come
so lets invest our reasonable efforts for better outcome.

It shud be a good enough plan
that we united once again like a clan
and just like old days, play in the Sun for tan,
putting away grudges to achieve this plan we can.

With no ulterior motives intended,
all tribes alike are invited
to allow our love to be ignited
in joining to achieve this aim united.

We no longer want war,
not in…

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