Please read the amazing poetry by a talented writer.


Pretentiously, we embraced lies;
words we’ve made ourselves believe.
Rather than coating our differences,
lets disagree to agree.

The victors act as though they never won,
deep down, they long to scream aloud;
to make known to the losers their place,
just common victims of the game.

The vanquished living like all is well,
deep within, they think of the best spices,
in garnishing that glorious cold dish,
to serve the oppressor a palatable revenge.

The poor mask their hatred for the rich,
the rich pretend like they don’t despise the poor,
equality is misinterpreted to be equity;
the victor may soon be vanquished.

The greater light rules the day,
and the lesser, rules the night
yet, they are equally essential;
time I then say, is of the essence.

Each and everyday, we hear its voice,
its presence is felt in words and actions,
it paints a picture, drawing us…

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