You are my everything

You are everything and everything is you

Love remembers everything,  I told my new young friend at the Seaside city, California tavern. A beautiful red-haired beauty with long legs walked by and I told my new friend. You can’t bring back what is gone. Love given without regret and restraint cannot be found after negative words and the long highway tore the need apart.

The man smiled and he asked. Many kind of women. Some are keepers and some are runners. How do you know the difference?  I told the man. All loved received and given. Tattoos and scars left for us to remember the good days and nights. The runners are many and the keepers are few. Take each dance with the hope. The long nights and sweet kisses are like the sweet wines of life; they can last forever. We will hold precious in old age.

I walked to the Seaside beach and sat with my Poet friend. She told me. At least the seas keep our secrets and we can find some kind of peace. I agreed and remembered a beautiful redhead with long legs and blue eyes like the Pacific ocean. I tell the moon, sky and the sea. You are everything  and everything was you. I learn too late.

John Castellenas/Coyote