Dark days of Texas- Killers are made.

Dark days of Texas- Killers are made.

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


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Two-pistol Tammy and Double shot Shirley were at Shirley’s friend homestead. They hated Austin, Texas. Shirley told Old man John once. Nothing good comes out Austin.  If you stay too long in Austin. You become part of the garbage. Tammy asked Shirley. You believe we can kill Dirty Deed Eric? Shirley looked sad and she whispered. Killers are made. Eric wasn’t always a bad man. I knew his father, Walker. He was a free man in Oklahoma and he came from Africa with proper documentation. He wanted to escape the memory of Africa. I remember he told me. In Africa. We are more unkind to our brothers than here. He went as far west as he could. He was alone and he liked it. Me and my first husband was 20 miles from his small cabin. He loved Oklahoma. No hate and free open country he told me often. One day some Cheyenne braves came to him for healing. The Apache and the Cheyenne thought he was a medicine man. The old Cheyenne man had a bad wound. The wound wasn’t proper wrapped and no healing medicine  on the open wound. He clean the wound with the moonshine he made, he put some desert sage on the wound and he wrapped it tightly. The old man stayed with him for 20 days. The man had many visitors and later he learn. This was a Cheyenne chief. They spoke rarely.  Walker learned the Apache and Cheyenne language years ago. He requested permission to live on Native American territory. The Apache laughed and they told him. Free land for honest men and you have a good face. No-one own the land. Land is for all people.

One night the Cheyenne chief offered his hand and he thanks him. Thank you Walker and I owe you my life. I have many daughters and nieces. My name is Black Moon. My name was given to me because during my birth. Cheyenne world was falling apart. You need some company and to make strong children. Walker smiled and he told the chief. Thank you, but I like being alone. When you are alone. You have nothing to lose and I lost a family in Africa  already.. The chief smiled and he answered. Life isn’t easy and life because more harder. I’m old and I have been fighting for my complete life. But my life is good. Good wife and many children. Still gives me reasons to live. The chief left one morning.  He hugged Walker and he walked out standing tall and strong.

One early morning. Walker heard something outside. He looked outside the cabin. A young pretty Cheyenne woman was washing his clothing and hanging them on a tight rope. The woman was tall, full busted and beautiful. She had dark brown skin and the darkest brown eyes he ever seen. He went outside and the woman reached out her hand and she told him. I’m Little Wolf.  I’m your wife now. Chief Black Moon is my grandfather and I told him. I thought you were handsome and I could be a good wife. He had blessed our marriage  and I’m your wife now. Walker held silence for a second and he told her. Please Little Wolf. My heart is sad and my mind is tire. It wouldn’t be fair for you. You are young and beautiful. My life is dark and I like the loneliness. You must go. She held silence. She did not enter the house for a week. She slept on her blanket near the house. He told her often. Please go home as he brought food to her daily. On a hot afternoon in early Summer. He went to his window. Little wolf stood nude washing her body. He had learned to like her and he enjoyed their daily conversation. He watched her wash her perfect young body with the soap he gave her. She was tall and she had long strong legs. He gave in and he went to her. She saw him coming and she ran to him. She embraced him tightly and she kissed him often. He took her to the house and till the Kansas folks showed-up. They lived a perfect life. Walker became the healer for the desert tribes and Little Wolf gave him three strong boys. Eric was born first, than Peter and Paul.

Tammy looked sad and she asked. Who is the Kansas people? Tears fell from Shirley’s eyes and she told her. Walker saved me from dying twice and my husband three times. He was a good man and a good father. He was a large man. Six foot seven inches and almost three hundred pounds. He taught his boys how to live. He roamed Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Hunting for meat/fur and looking for herbal medicine. He tried to be not seen by many people. His sons, he taught them how to find the hidden water in the desert and to know where they could find shelter from the sun. He told me often. Travel early before the sun awake. Rest at noon and finish your journey in the night. He was a wise and kind man. In Kansas, a lot of problems about slavery. Many wanted to keep the black people as slaves forever. Angry men were roaming and killing the people who supported the freedom of the blacks. I still remember when Eric came to my home years ago in Oklahoma. He was as large as his father and he wasn’t mean yet. He was crying and he told me. They killed my father and mother Little Wolf. My brothers were hanging from the old tree. Me and my Husband Jack went to the house. We helped him bury his father, mother and brothers. Eric asked my husband for the long blade and rifle. Jack told him. Blood won’t make you know peace. Only make you seek more blood till you know the taste of blood only. Eric looked down at my husband and he whispered. I have no choice. My husband gave him his long blade and his rifle. I kissed his forehead and I gave him my gun belt and five boxes of shells.  We went home and we held silence. Later this night. The Kansas folks came to our house. They asked where Eric was? I saw their eyes. Cold and heartless men. I told them. We helped bury Eric father, mother and his brothers. I believe he went west. I called them mean ass son of a bitches and I prayed they died badly. My husband came out with loaded shot-gun and he told them. We have no-more to talk about strangers. Go back to Kansas before you meet the Devil.

Tammy looked very sad. She whispered. You are right Shirley. Killers are made. She asked Shirley with a serious face. Why must you kill him? Did he kill your husband? Shirley looked very sad and he told her. The next day. The Kansas raiders came back. First they killed my husband. They beat him half to death and dragged him behind a horse for two miles. They stripped me completely nude and began to line us to rape me. As I laid waiting for the act. I heard the Cheyenne and Apache braves led by Eric. They slaughtered the 20 men. Eric brought me some clothing and he told me. Sorry miss Shirley. I came too damn late to save Jack. That was the last day I saw him. I remember me, the Apaches and Cheyenne braves and Eric by Jack’s grave.  Eric told me. Please pray for my father, mother and brothers. I can not. I won’t tell Old man John the truth. He wouldn’t trust me. I believe I’m the only one who can kill him. I believe Eric need me to end his life. He was made by hate and bad decisions. We made the Devils. My friend Tammy. I’m a Devil too. Many a bullets for hateful men. Me and Eric were made by the blood of hate.

John Castellenas/Coyote