As I walked leaving my footprints

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Sreepriya Menon


Standing on the wet sand soaked by the sea

I looked at the sky which was kissing the sea in the horizon

All I could see was three four boats that were floating on the waves of the sea

as if, they were some toys kept on the wavering surface.

the ripples were higher, and the sea came kissing the land

I moved away as the waves shattered itself on to the sand

leaving behind some shells as footprints

the saltiness that the waves brought to me remained on my lips

it was as if the waves kissed me and went away

as I soaked in the waves the sand covered on me clung on to my dress

I stood there soaking myself and watching the elegant sunset

the dark reddish orange ball immersed into the clouds as if it were hiding.

I raised my hands inviting the wind to…

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