Dark days of Texas-Sweet Cheryl Lee

Dark days of Texas- Sweet Cheryl Lee-part seven

A Chapter by Coyote Poetry


Another chapter.


                                   Dark days of Texas – Sweet Cheryl lee

Eric hated the Summer in Texas. So damn hot. All you could do is rest during the day and ride at night only.  He watched Cheryl Lee wash-up.  They had found their favorite place. The hidden source of water and some mountain cover from the hot Texas sun. Eric loved his Cheryl Lee. She was a blue eyes, full busted lady. He remembered when he met her the first time. Her father was  the meaning, ugliest and baddest bad man in Texas.  Her father was called the Butcher of Laredo. Eric called him Danny. Danny never talked about the days in Laredo. He heard Danny killed 20 men in one day over the abuse and murder of his wife. He raised his daughter Cheryl Lee alone and he roamed the state of Texas with his three brothers. He always treated Cheryl Lee with respect and kindness because he was saved by Danny in Austin.  He was outnumbered and all his men dead . Danny appeared and he killed a dozen men before his eyes. Danny came to him and he asked him. You are too young to be dangerous and you don’t look like a dangerous wild dog. Why they want to kill you? Eric told him. They kill my mother and father in Oklahoma. I tried to kill all the Kansas men I could see. Danny laughed at him and he  told him. I like your black ass and you can stay and ride with me or die here in Austin. He joined them.

Danny introduced his daughter to Eric. This is Cheryl Lee. My only thing I hold precious. Me and my brothers raised her to fight, bite and be wise.  Eric and Cheryl Lee became friends. Cheryl Lee taught Eric the long blade and the short blade. Eric taught her the bow and arrow. He never attempted to touch her. Danny treated him like a son.

Eric left Danny and he went off alone. He remembered the sad day when Cheryl Lee appeared at his camp. Cheryl Lee was left alone after Danny and his brothers fought the Texas Rangers and lost. She went to Austin and she became a dancer and after a time. She sold her body for gold pieces. She worked for two years at the tavern. She made enough to escape Texas and she wanted to go to California. She told the owner Douglas. I will be leaving in the morning.  That night the owner and two men took her to her room. Stripped her down to her naked body. They raped and beat her for five hours. She was weak, bruised-up and had pain everywhere. They made the mistake of releasing her. She washed-up and she dressed in pant and shirt. She open the wood tile and took out her pistol and her short knife. She put on the gun belt and put the knife in her boot. She rested till the sun from the east appeared. She went downstairs and she saw the owner Douglas. She went to him and he laughed at her and he told her. You are just a whore and you will die a whore. She raised her gun and blew his head-off. She went up stair  and she cut the throats of the two rapist. She gathered all the gold pieces. She packed water, bacon, flour and corn. She loaded her horse and she went west. She wanted to go to California and swim in the sea. Her body was sore and beaten. She rode for 8 hours till the horse had to rest. She heard the noise of Cowboys near and  she saw the town people riding toward her. She raised her rifle and pistol. She looked to the sky and she whispered. I’m coming dad. Going to die standing. All of a sudden. The town folks turned around. She turned around and Eric, Dominic and Eddie were behind her. She turned and she pointed the rifle at Eric. Eric told the men. Don’t shoot her.  He walked toward her and he told her. Cheryl Lee. I’m Eric. Remember me. The black Indian. Cheryl Lee looked crazy and she stared at Eric. She fell to the ground crying. Eric went to her and he saw the bruises on her face and body. He whispered to her. No-one will hurt you again Sweet Cheryl Lee.

Cheryl Lee turned around and she looked at Eric face. She knew he loved her and she was safe with him. She never left his side and she wasn’t right after the night in Austin. Eric was kind and gentle. He made her human again. She told him daily. Please Eric. You and the boys. Let’s go to California. We can be reborn in California.

Old man John learned the weather would break in one day. They would leave for western Texas on Sunday morning at 4 am.  Loca Amber told him. One of the boys in the saloon saw Eric in the Western territories. He was hiding and resting in his regular safe havens. Today was 110 degrees in the shade. Sunday support to be in the low nineties. He would find the rest of the men and women. They must gather and make the final plans.
John Castellenas/Coyote