Poetry Is Life

Please read and enjoy the work of a talented writer.

Writings by MCM


An art form

Unlike any other

Takes on many facets

Unlike the others

An art piece with

Words that allow emotions

To increase and flow

Moving you towards a place

From what you may know

Poetry has a life source

And one of its very own

Poets cannot divorce

This talent that they hone

Words pulse at a rate

And a speed of their own

Further belong

To all of the world

From the poet’s own mouth

And deep rooted mind

From pen to paper

Weapons of every kind

Art that falls in line

Rhythmic to rhyme

Lyrical to hysterical

Deep to a happy flow

Like its very own vehicle

Moving through time

With many passengers


To take for a drive

Poetry connects

To everything

To everyone

To everyplace

Through all it brings

All said and done

And at such a pace

That only poets


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