It matters

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A Faded Romantic's Notebook

It matters

The way the light of a new day slides past your blinds and illuminates your perfect skin in creamy, honeyed light.

The sound of the radio that keeps you company at breakfast. Calling you to dance and to sing in your, soft, sweet voice.

The traffic that has you tapping the steering wheel with impatience, wishing you had left ten minutes earlier. When you could have. When you should have.

The work that binds you, sometimes satisfying, but always making you wish you could be some place else.

The smile you get when your phone buzzes with someone you love.

The way you stretch in the late afternoon sun, and tie back your hair and briefly close your beautiful eyes.

The evening, wrapping itself around you, comforting you, relaxing you. Your shoes kicked off, feet tucked beneath.

The night. Sleep eluding you. Your fears and demons and sorrows tormenting you. Until exhaustion comes to stake…

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